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What are Building Estimating Services?

There are several different types of building estimating services. They offer budget cost estimates, full fixed-price estimates, and even suggest potential…

The Critical Aspects in Mechanical Estimating

Construction estimating in general aswell as mechanical estimating, insulation estimating or plumbing estimating, is one of the most challenging and…

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Tips on Ductwork Insulation Estimating

Introduction  Ductwork is an essential part of the HVAC system in any building. Ducts can only function at their optimum…

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The Process of Mechanical Estimating

To survive and grow in contracting, we need to find ways to gain an edge on our competition. Contractors need…

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What is the Difference Between a Cat A and Cat B Fit Out?

Cat A and Cat B: If you are a landlord or tenant seeking to transform a building into an office,…

What are takeoffs in construction?

takeoffs in construction: Taking accurate measurements is one of the most challenging aspects of construction estimating, but it’s also one…

Steps for accurate construction estimating

Consistency  and going above and beyond on every project is what gets you on top of your competition and helps…

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3 Ways to Increase Profit Margins

Increase Profit Margins The construction industry is yet to reach stable ground since the pandemic hit two almost years ago….

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Why is Insulation Estimating Important?

Insulation Estimating A construction estimate is a forecast that determines how much money a new building will require. A build…

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What do Mechanical Estimators do? 

Mechanical Estimators, Every construction project, no matter its size, needs an accurate estimate for a successful and most importantly, profitable…