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We consider ourselves the worlds premier insulation estimating service. Read on to learn about how take care of your mechanical insulation estimating.

do you have this PROBLEM?

After working all day on-site or running between projects checking on progress, you come home only to have to sit at your computer to find more insulation tenders that have landed in your inbox that all need to be returned yesterday.

So now you have to sit there until late at night and take off pipe and ductwork to price these jobs up because your client is jumping up and down for the quote.

The weekend rolls around and instead of spending time with friends or family, you have to spend it on insulation estimating instead.


That’s where Chase Estimating comes in. We will take the burden of these tenders off your shoulders and turn them around for you in time for your client’s deadline, with little to no input required from yourself.

You will have more time to do what matters, whether that’s working on your business instead of in it, spending time with your loved ones or even just getting some time back to relax and recharge.


Chase Estimating can claim to be the only, dedicated insulation estimating service worldwide owing to the fact our founder, Samuel Hitch hails from a thermal insulation / building services background.

For many years Sam owned a successful thermal insulation contractor before transitioning to focusing solely on helping other clients win more projects, whilst giving them time back to focus on the more important aspects of their business or their personal life.

As someone who has actually run a subcontractor successfully for many years, Samuel brings something to the table that you will not be able to find with another mechanical insulation estimating service in the world.

We are willing and able to offer our expertise and advice to help you tender for insulation projects, free of charge as part of our service.

If you have just started up your own thermal insulation contractor, we will help you find your feet and hold your hand through the processes where you need it.

mechanical insulation estimating services for commеrcial and industrial pipework



    Chase Estimating have become the go-to takeoff and estimating experts for many insulation contractors across the United Kingdom, Ireland and North America.

    Whilst other estimating companies might look down their nose at the insulation package, we understand how important thermal insulation is to a building’s performance and of course to you, hence why we will take care to ensure your tender is specification compliant and your costs are covered.


    Chasе Estimating provides mechanical insulation estimating services for commеrcial and industrial pipework, ductwork, and mеchanical еquipmеnt.

    Our estimators benefit from the vast onsite experience from years of installation experience of our Managing Director who has helped train them to understand the nuances of thermal insulation installation.

    We have worked on all types of thermal insulation estimating projects including supermarkets, hospitals, commercial offices, hotels, domestic accommodations, schools, and many more.

    We undertake commercial and industrial mechanical insulation estimation

    Some of the Insulation estimating Services include;

    Pipe Insulation

    We estimate all manner of piping and plumbing insulation such as hot water, cold water, chilled, heating, refrigeration, above ground drainage, rainwater, plus much more.

    Duct Insulation

    We excel in providing precise estimates for a diverse array of duct insulation applications. Be it heating, ventilation, or air conditioning (HVAC) ducts, industrial exhaust ducts, or fire-rated ductwork, our services encompass them all.


    We can do complete takeoff and estimation for different valve insulation types such as Jackets/Covers, PVC Valve Covers and Metal Valve Boxes.


    We can takeoff and price the insulation required for all manner of plant and mechanical equipment such as –




    First, we will ask to receive the tender package. Then we will conduct an in-depth audit of the package and pull out all relevant details from the specification and drawings from which we will conduct the take-off. We will submit any RFI to you or direct it to your client as per your preference.


    We have multiple estimators working for us, meaning we can dedicate more than one estimator to your insulation project depending on our workload. This means we can rapidly turn around projects much quicker than others whilst not compromising on quality.

    Here at Chase Estimating we consider ourselves the go-to experts for insulation takeoffs and estimating.

    With more than 40 years of combined experience under our belts, there isn’t much that we haven’t come across in the past. The knowledge and skills we have evolved over these years enable us to bring a genuine and goal-oriented approach, which helps our customers to attain their goals. We are able to take off complete building services estimates and ensure your bid is spec compliant

    • We are UK based and the only specialist thermal insulation estimating company in the UK and Ireland.
    • We have vast experience in the thermal insulation sector
    • We are built on transparency
    • We dedicate at least one estimator to deal with your inquiry and your inquiry only

    The bottom line is we want you as a valued client and you can trust Chase Estimating with your insulation estimation requirements and we guarantee to help you submit more accurate tenders, for less cost and less stress!


    Ensign, Active Takeoff, Planswift


    UK – BS5422


    Key Takeaways

    • The founder of Chase Estimating has over 20 years of experience in insulation estimating and has previously owned a successful thermal insulation contracting business.
    • The service offers mechanical insulation estimating for a variety of thermal insulation types, including pipe , duct and other types of plant and equipment.
    • The service provides comprehensive bid proposal preparation and review of bid documents, as well as expertise and advice to help clients tender for insulation projects free of charge.
    • Multiple estimators work for the service, meaning they can dedicate more than one estimator to a project and offer fast turnaround times, making them the go-to experts for insulation takeoffs and estimating.

    Our proficient insulation specialists stand out in providing comprehensive thermal insulation estimating solutions for industrial ductwork and pipework, catering to the bespoke needs of insulation contractors, manufacturers, and engineering experts in the field.

    We take great pride in our expansive knowledge and rapid execution, accurately identifying the optimal quantities of insulation materials and their related costs for a wide array of industrial systems. These include mechanical, plumbing, and HVAC systems.

    Through precise project quantity assessments, we aid our clients in not only securing more contracts but also ensuring they procure the perfect amount of labour and materials to successfully complete their projects.


      We provide solutions for a multitude of industrial systems, using a broad range of insulation materials. These include, but are not limited to:

      • Mineral Wool
      • Phenolic
      • Nitrile Rubber
      • Fibreglass
      • Polyisocyanurate Foam
      • Calcium Silicate
      • Foam Glass
      • Polyethylene, and more.

      Our insulation estimating services are tailored to our clients’ unique needs, and we estimate the following systems for insulation needs, though our capabilities are not limited to:

      • Piping Insulation
      • Equipment Insulation
      • Tanks Insulation
      • Furnaces & Steam Generators
      • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
      • Duct Insulation
      • Acoustic Absorbers/Barriers
      • Electrical Heating Products/Pipe Trace
      • Hot and Cryogenic Insulation
      • Acoustic Insulation & Soundproofing
      • Electrical Heat Tracing
      • Fireproofing & Protection
      • Thermal Pipe Insulation
      • Solar Pipe Insulation
      • Removable Blanket Insulation
      • Turbines
      • Cryogenic
      • Corrosion Control
      • Access Systems
      • Expansion Joints
      • Coal and gas
      • Biomass


      Being a busy mechanical insulation contractor often involves handling lengthy work hours and meeting the stringent demands of mechanical and plumbing contractors. Challenges like outdated specifications, incomplete plan drawings, and bid documents can further complicate the situation.

      We’re here to lend a hand with our mechanical insulation estimating services for mechanical, HVAC duct, HVAC piping, industrial duct, industrial piping, plumbing, equipment, and fire-stopping. We also offer comprehensive bid proposal preparation and review of bid documents.

      Our precise material takeoff delivers the perfect strategy for material procurement. We provide a comprehensive range of mechanical insulation estimating solutions, suitable for commercial buildings and industrial sectors.

      This covers Institutional buildings, offices, warehouses, manufacturing units, health care, retail, and more. On the industrial side, we cater to refineries, gas processing, paper and pulp industries, petrochemical plants, power generation, and other similar industries.


      For mechanical and piping insulations, we estimate the following systems or materials, although our services are not limited to:

      • Pipe Insulation
      • Cold Storage Insulation
      • Ductwork Insulation
      • Equipment Insulation Systems
      • Removable Insulation Systems
      • Tank Insulation Systems
      • Plumbing Pipes
      • Central Utility Plants
      • Cooling Towers
      • Kitchen Exhaust
      • Generator Exhaust
      • Process Pipes
      • Refrigeration Pipe
      • Equipment & Tanks
      • Petrochemical Pipes
      • Weatherproofing
      • Waterproofing

      Founder and Experience

      With a background in thermal insulation and building services, the founder of this company has extensive experience in the field. Having previously owned a successful thermal insulation contractor, the founder transitioned to focusing solely on helping clients win more insulation projects. With over 20 years of  experience in insulation estimating, the founder has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer clients.

      The founder’s experience in thermal insulation and building services gives them a unique perspective when it comes to insulation estimating. They understand the importance of thermal insulation in a building’s performance and ensure that tenders are specification compliant and costs are covered.

      Additionally, the founder is dedicated to helping clients submit more accurate tenders for less cost and less stress. Their commitment to providing expertise and advice free of charge as part of their service is a testament to their passion for the industry.

      Unrivalled Expertise and Advice

      We, at Chase Estimating, offer our clients the unique advantage of gaining from our founder’s abundant knowledge and expertise. We provide free, expert advice to assist you in tendering for insulation projects, aiming to enhance the accuracy of your tenders while reducing both cost and stress. This service is an integral part of our insulation estimating services.

      Our team, under the guidance of our founder, conducts a comprehensive audit of your tender package, extracting all pertinent details from the specifications and drawings. From this, we conduct a meticulous take-off. We’re dedicated to providing cost-saving strategies, and we appreciate the significant role thermal insulation plays in a building’s performance. Hence, we ensure your tenders are specification compliant and costs are accurately covered.

      We are ready and committed to assist you in finding your bearings and providing support throughout the processes where needed. We promise to relieve you of the burden of tenders, processing them efficiently to meet your clients’ deadlines, requiring minimal input from you.

      Our level of expertise and advice stands unmatched in the industry, marking us as the trusted experts for insulation take-offs and estimating. You can rely on us for accurate and reliable estimates to help you secure more projects and expand your business.

      Building Types and Industrial Piping Insulation

      We cater to a variety of buildings with our insulation estimating services, including supermarkets, hospitals, commercial offices, hotels, and schools. We understand that each type of building has distinct insulation requirements, and we work closely with you to ensure that our insulation estimates are specifically tailored to your needs.

      For instance, supermarkets necessitate specialised insulation to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for their products. We are adept in the use of various insulation materials for industrial systems, including mineral wool, phenolic, nitrile rubber, fibreglass, polyisocyanurate foam, calcium silicate, foam glass, polyethylene, and more. We can recommend the most suitable materials for each project.

      We also provide specialised industrial piping insulation estimating services, accommodating the unique needs of insulation contractors, manufacturers, and engineering experts in the field. We take immense pride in our broad knowledge base and swift execution, accurately identifying the optimal quantities of insulation materials and their associated costs for a multitude of industrial systems.

      We offer solutions for a variety of industrial systems, utilising a vast range of insulation materials, thereby ensuring that our clients meet the stringent demands of mechanical and plumbing contractors.

      In Summary

      In summary, we, a UK-based company, provide expert insulation estimating services for commercial and industrial projects. Our seasoned team specialises in mechanical insulation for pipework, ductwork, and equipment, as well as industrial piping insulation.

      We offer comprehensive bid proposal preparation, design services, and free expertise and advice to help you secure more projects. Our team ensures swift turnaround times and accurate tenders, lifting the burden of compliance with specifications and costs from your shoulders.

      Our services are suitable for a diverse range of buildings, including hotels, hospitals, schools, and factories. With over 40 years of combined experience in insulation estimating, you can rest assured that your projects are in capable hands.

      Furthermore, our expertise and advice serve as valuable assets for clients seeking to enhance their project bids and win more contracts. Overall, we provide a reliable and efficient solution for your commercial and industrial insulation estimating needs.