Mechanical and Electrical design services

Mechanical and Electrical design services

Mechanical and electrical design services

Best projects come to life only when there is complete coordination between designers, construction partners and stakeholders. The combined knowledge pool allows the use of the best methods, irrespective of the project type or sector. 

The success of the project always depends on the quality of the design. Especially for mechanical and electrical services, design quality and coordination are critical to the cost, schedule and aesthetics of any facility.

At Chase estimating, our skilled M&E design engineers have experience in designing both new and refurbishment projects. 

Our M&E Design Team

Our team of diligent M&E design engineers ensure your project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Our tried-and-true approach allows us to eliminate time wasted on a project while also increasing efficiency and reducing unplanned adjustments. With a keen eye for detail, we help save project costs by identifying and resolving disputes before the start of fieldwork.

Our team of experienced mechanical and electrical design engineers help design important M&E components for you using cutting-edge software like AutoCAD, Ravit and other digital calculation tools. 

We are confident in our ability to solve problems and offer solutions. Every client has our undivided attention right from the early stages of designing. It allows us to coordinate better and approach the project the right way and provide you with a clever M&E design, faster.

We offer the following core M&E design calculations:

Mechanical Design Calculations

  1. Heat load Calculations.
  2. Ventilation Calculations.
  3. Domestic cold water service sizing calculations.
  4. Hot water pipework sizing calculations.
  5. Hot water system design calculations.
  6. Water storage tank calculations.
  7. Gas pipework sizing calculations.
  8. Soil pipework sizing calculations.
  9. Break tank sizing calculations.
  10. Boiler sizing calculations.
  11. Pump head calculations.
  12. Boiler piping and accessories sizing calculations.
  13. Fan capacity sizing calculation.
  14. Radiator capacity sizing calculations.

Electrical Design Calculations – 

  1. Voltage drop calculations.
  2. Electrical service sizing calculations.
  3. Electrical load calculation.
  4. Dialux calculations.
  5. Short circuit calculations.
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mechanical design service
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    How we approach an M&E design project:

    First off, we’ll request a copy of the drawings, scope, CAD backgrounds and existing building services – if any, and all the relevant details that can help us come up with an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and smart M&E design. 

    Our team of designers analyse the drawings and the relevant information you provide and then run it through our state-of-the-art software and deliver an M&E design that works best for you. 

    What you’ll get

    • An eco-friendly, smart and realistic M&E design for your new building project or refurbishment project. M&E design deliverables also include CAD drawings and other relevant files and designs.
    • M&E Designing for Performance
    • M&E Design Concepts
    • Technical advice and suggestions for sustainability.
    • Studies of Feasibility
    • Modelling for Compliance

    The way we work

    We operate on a highly confidential basis; any privileged information you provide us with for us to provide you with an M&E design will be kept private and not shared with anyone else.

    Because we only work with one client on a single project, we do not create an M&E design for the same project for another client.

    The advantages of working with Chase estimating: 

    Here at Chase Estimating, we have a simple principle – to satisfy clients according to their requirements.

    The following are some of the advantages of using our M&E design services – 

    • 3D M&E designs on every project.
    • Faster turnabout time for M&E design, at half the cost of a full-time design team.
    • Designs done by experienced and diligent mechanical and electrical engineers, with an eye for detail and value engineering expertise.
    • Significant reduction in overheads. You pay for designs only when you need them. 
    • We allow you and your team to focus on upcoming projects, by taking the burden of the design off your shoulders.  
    • We push your business by helping you with smart M&E designs that will help you win more work

    Drop us an email at or call us at 0163041716 and we will be more than happy to help you with the M&E design estimating for your project.