What is a Quantity Takeoff Service

Quantity take off services

Quantity takeoff estimates are used by architects, contractors, and builders to ensure that their projects are in line with their budget.

If you are a construction project manager or owner of a contractor, you may be wondering how much it costs to hire a quantity takeoff service. This article will address the cost of hiring a takeoff service, methods to prepare a takeoff, and the benefits of outsourcing this process.

After reading this article, you’ll be better equipped to decide which type of service to hire. This is especially useful if you are juggling multiple projects at once. With a takeoff service, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of construction planning, such as sub-contractor packages or delivering live projects instead of having your head in estimating software.


take-off servicesWhen choosing a takeoff service, you must be able to find a company that offers quality takeoff data. Usually, physical takeoffs require a lot of manual work and can be inaccurate. However, digital takeoffs are much more accurate and streamline the whole process.

Takeoffs done by hand require more work and require an estimator to be able to complete complex calculations. The manual takeoff requires the estimator to know how to calculate volume, area, and length.

It also requires more legwork, including obtaining bids from material vendors, preparing a final report, and gathering data. Manual takeoffs often require manual input into databases and reporting software. These tasks are not easy for an inexperienced estimator, so it’s better to enlist the help of a professional estimating service like Chase Estimating if you need to.

When choosing a construction takeoff service, the reputation of the company is equally important. Customer testimonials and customer reviews can help you make an informed decision based on the service’s reputation. 

While a good construction takeoff service will provide a comprehensive report, it is important to know that there are some things that cannot be itemized in great detail. For example, there are specific requirements for materials. 

A good takeoff service will take into account these specific requirements and note the quantities needed. In addition, a good takeoff will draw from the expertise of an architect or engineer. The final cost of a construction project depends on a definite cost estimation service.

While digital takeoff software provides an excellent solution for your takeoff needs, there are some advantages to using a service that includes a team of estimators. Obviously, the main advantage is not having to spend hours or days each week doing quantity takeoff on projects when you should be dealing with more important matters, such as nurturing client relationships for example

Costs of a CONSTRUCTION takeoff

A construction takeoff consists of quantifying the materials and labour required for a construction project, which is then listed in

what’s known as a bill of materials (BOM) or bill of quantities (BOQ).

An accurate takeoff of all materials is crucial for an accurate cost estimate, and it is often a time-consuming process to takeoff each service/element of the project individually.

A quantity takeoff, also known as a material takeoff, details the amount of materials and equipment needed to complete a project. An estimate includes detail about the materials needed, their attributes, and their costs.

An estimation service provider can take the process of creating a quote from a painfully slow one to a painless one

Although construction takeoff services range hugely in cost, it’s important to do your research on your potential supplier as they are going to be in charge of some pretty important figures, so do not just go with someone because they are cheap. 

Being pennywise could mean you end up being pound foolish, costing you tens of £1,000s because things are missed off the bill of quantities entirely.

Outsource Estimating Services help small contractors to avoid hiring in-house estimators which can cost a lot for small one-man-band type setups. A reliable and affordable takeoff service helps construction professionals to bid on more projects for less cost. 

Methods of preparing CONSTRUCTION takeoff

construction estimating softwareThe process of preparing a quantity takeoff includes measuring all items that are part of the scope of work and given in the Invitation to Tender package (ITT). 

Typical contract documents include architectural drawings, structural engineering drawings, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and site water reticulation and drainage drawings. To prepare for a takeoff, you must first review the contract documents and establish the scope of the takeoff.

There are two methods of preparing a construction takeoff: manual and digital. Manual takeoffs are time-consuming and require a great deal of attention to detail. Manual takeoffs require reading the construction drawings, reorganizing information, and taking measurements by hand. 

With digital takeoffs, an estimator can draw from a pre-populated database of current price information. 

Digital construction takeoffs are more accurate and fast. By leveraging a digital takeoff service,  you are not only leveraging the power of software and all the automation it can perform, but you’re leveraging the time of the freelance estimator who takes care of all the things the software cannot.

You save so much time that you wonder how you did without the estimating service after you have begun using it.

Using Chase Estimating can help procurement managers identify which materials are needed during construction. With accurate takeoff data, materials that require long delivery times can be ordered well in advance. 

In a rapidly changing world with increases in prices becoming a multiple occurrences over the course of a year, purchasing materials is important to help prevent losses and stay competitive.

Purchasing materials before the project begins is an excellent way to cut down on costs. By using a takeoff service, you can generate a detailed list of materials and their costs.

Why should you outsource your QUANTITY takeoff

The benefits of outsourcing to a construction takeoff service are many. Using a quantity takeoff service can save you time, money, and frustration. 

A specialized service can also save you money, as they already have the right tools and team to complete the work.

Construction takeoff services can help you increase your bid volume and quality while reducing the hassle of dealing with fluctuating prices. Estimating services allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Aside from saving time, you can also enjoy more peace of mind and stress less. 

Outsourcing quantity takeoffs is the best way to ensure accurate cost estimates. Accurate takeoff estimates prevent costly miscalculations and delays in the construction process. They are experts in this single aspect, it’s what they do day in, day out so it’s right to expect less to go wrong than someone who is trying to wear too many hats at once.

Outsourcing takeoffs to a reliable service provider can reduce your overhead costs while allowing your current staff to focus on more important tasks. Proper estimating services can also help you win more bids, which will allow you to grow your construction business.

Using a construction takeoff service can help you save time by eliminating the headache of completing your own estimate. Creating an accurate bill of materials and accurate estimates is crucial to achieving a competitive advantage in the construction industry.

Whether it’s a pre-construction phase, conceptual or scoring points by helping your clients budget and win jobs, estimating is essential to achieving success. 

Besides taking the time to prepare and review takeoffs, Chase Estimating can also assist contractors by finding projects for them. If you’re looking for a new job or need a construction takeoff service, consider using Chase Estimating.

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