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Introduction: Chase Estimating Ltd: Utilising Ensign for Cost-Effective Mechanical Estimating

Chase Estimating Ltd is committed to providing accurate and cost-effective mechanical estimating solutions. In pursuit of this goal, we have chosen Ensign software as our preferred tool for estimating our own projects. With its comprehensive features and cloud-based accessibility, Ensign has proven to be the most efficient and reliable solution for mechanical and plumbing estimating in the market today.

Why choose Ensign Mechanical Estimating and Takeoff Software?

Mechanical Estimating Software

Mechanical contractors are continually seeking ways to streamline their estimating process and enhance their accuracy. With the growing complexity of mechanical projects, creating precise estimates without the right tools has become increasingly challenging.

Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software offers a comprehensive solution to this problem, equipping contractors with an array of features and tools that make estimating easier than ever before.

Ensign is a cloud-based software that provides contractors with a range of features to swiftly and effortlessly create accurate estimates. With pre-made assemblies, trade prices and discounts, as well as the ability to add simple comments, Ensign simplifies the creation of detailed and precise estimates.

The software also offers support through various channels, including online chat and ticket submission, ensuring that contractors can obtain the assistance they require promptly.

With Ensign as the ultimate solution, contractors can save time and improve their estimating accuracy, making it an essential tool for any mechanical contractor.

Features and Tools

Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software provides users with an extensive range of features and tools that are essential for accurate and efficient mechanical estimation. The discount structure and customisable options enable users to apply discounts and modify aspects of the job to suit their needs.

The software also offers cloud storage for drawings and documents, ensuring that all the necessary information is easily accessible from any location.

One of the most significant features of Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software is its takeoff page organisation. The software provides users with a sectional structure that allows for a tender breakdown, making it easier to examine the grid and select individual items for estimation.

Additionally, the software offers pre-made assemblies or kits for linear and unit items, which update automatically when changing specifications. Users can also import missing items using the free type button, which includes a labour-only option.

The option to adjust the profit percentage based on fluctuations ensures that users can estimate the job’s cost accurately and provide precise quotes to their clients.

Labour and Cost Management

Efficient labour and cost management are crucial aspects of mechanical estimation. Effective time tracking and budget monitoring are vital to ensure that the project is completed within the specified timeline and budget.

Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software offers a standard labour rate and additional rates to determine the labour aspect of the project. Additionally, the software has a special labour rate option for customised jobs.

Travel expenses can be added as additional costs under the labour aspect, while the supplier-only and install-only options allow for flexibility in material sourcing. The software also provides an advanced option for job customisation, enabling a more precise estimation of labour and cost.

Efficient labour and cost management are vital to the success of a mechanical project, and Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software provides the necessary tools to achieve this goal.

The software’s summary table includes a breakdown of materials, special items, subcontracting, and the total cost of site labour. Furthermore, Ensign offers preliminaries that encompass fixed costs, percentage costs, and time-related costs to assist with budget tracking.

The software generates internal reports for personal use and final printouts for clients. Additionally, there is an option to generate summaries and a schedule of rates.

Overall, Ensign’s labour and cost management tools ensure that mechanical projects are completed on time and within budget, making it an indispensable tool for mechanical estimators.

Documentation and Export Options

Mechanical Estimating Software

Documentation and export options play a crucial role in mechanical estimation software. With the Ensign software, users can generate summaries and schedules of rates, which can be customised to include the company logo and client information.

The software provides the option to preview and export the documents in various file formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, or CSV. This feature is beneficial to customers who prefer to make amendments or copy information onto their quotation documents.

Moreover, the Ensign software allows users to export selected reports in PDF format, merge them into one file, and rename and save the document. This feature makes it easier for users to keep track of their projects and maintain a record of their work.

The software also offers an option to generate internal reports for personal use only. In summary, the documentation and export options of the Ensign mechanical estimating software provide users with a wide range of customisation options and file formats, making it easier to generate accurate and professional documents for their clients.

The Ensign mechanical estimating software is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool that offers a wide range of features to manage labour and costs efficiently. The software’s documentation and export options provide users with the flexibility to customise their documents and export them in various file formats.

These features make it easier for users to generate accurate and professional documents, maintain a record of their work, and keep track of their projects. Ensign is a reliable and efficient tool for mechanical estimators, providing accurate and timely estimates for their clients.

Boost Efficiency and Accuracy with Cloud-Based Estimating Software

Mechanical contractors understand the importance of accurate estimation and streamlined workflows. With Ensign’s cloud-based estimating software, you can revolutionize your mechanical estimation process and enhance overall efficiency.

Ensign offers an intuitive interface and powerful tools that make it easy for mechanical contractors to create precise estimates. With features such as takeoff tools, a comprehensive materials database, and seamless integration with 3D design software, Ensign simplifies the estimation process and helps you deliver accurate bids.

Comprehensive Database for Mechanical Estimating

Ensign’s extensive database provides mechanical contractors with a wealth of information for precise estimation. From pipes and fittings to valves and equipment, Ensign’s database covers a wide range of mechanical components. You can confidently create detailed bids, knowing that you have access to accurate pricing and detailed descriptions.

Ensign also allows you to import project data from 3D design software, ensuring that your estimates are based on the most up-to-date project specifications. This integration eliminates manual data entry and enables you to visualize your mechanical systems in a virtual environment, identifying potential clashes or design issues early on.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensign Mechanical Estimating Software offers a variety of support options such as contact details, ticket submission, and online chat.
  • The software includes tools like a materials discount structure and cloud storage for drawings and documents.
  • Users can create job functions, customise jobs, and utilise the sectional structure for tender breakdowns.
  • Ensign also allows for adjusting profit percentage, generating summaries and schedules of rates, and exporting reports in various formats.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Mechanical Estimating with Ensign

In the competitive world of mechanical contracting, accurate and cost-effective estimating is crucial for success. Chase Estimating Ltd wholeheartedly recommends Ensign software as the ultimate solution for achieving this goal.

With its intuitive interface, powerful tools, extensive database, and efficient project management capabilities, Ensign empowers mechanical contractors to streamline their workflows, enhance accuracy, and deliver competitive bids. Experience the power of Ensign and take your mechanical estimating to new levels of efficiency and profitability. Choose Ensign and witness the difference it can make in your estimating process.

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