The Limitations Of Construction Estimating Software.

Businesses today use technology to simplify their processes. Digital formats and IT systems are disrupting industries worldwide and the Construction Estimating Software industry is lagging behind in this respect.

Construction estimating software is a tool that has transformed the way contractors do business. It has helped many building contractors and proprietors get a grip on the expected cost of their new building or refurbishment project. It has rapidly taken over the traditional estimation methods throughout the industry.

Estimating software is designed to increase efficiency and save money. It can reduce incidents of human error and ease the manual entry of tasks. There’s no denying that it can, within minutes, do calculations that would otherwise take hours. It easily pulls up past projects, material requirements and all the other necessities and saves valuable time that can be used to get an accurate estimate for your company’s next bid.

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However, as in any other aspect of the business, every pro has some cons. Construction estimating software falls short in a few aspects. It may fail to pick up minor elements in the architectural drawings.

This little slip could turn pricey and hundreds to thousands of pounds could go missing from the estimate, depending on your project size.

Some other shortcomings of estimating software’s are:

Construction Estimating Software, Time and Patience:

The primary goal, while procuring any software is to reduce cost, man-hours and human error. You have to invest many hours to get a grasp of the software and a little more time to learn how to achieve the best possible results with it.

Software development:

Many companies have wasted valuable time learning one piece of software only for it to be outdated quite quickly. Technology moves fast and software need to be constantly updated, as there is no standardised method of calculations yet.

Also, not all companies push out regular updates to their software. While some offer upgrades or updates, which again come with a price tag, some may not, which means your software will become redundant over time.

Construction Estimating Software, Initial cost:

Estimating software is expensive. The software will cost you anything between a few hundred to a few thousand pounds and this can be just per user as well; multiply this over multiple users and it can add significant overhead costs to your business.

Construction Estimating Software, Bespoke aspects of a project:

The construction estimating software cannot handle the unique, custom-built facets of a project. This could include anything from a unique staircase to a specially designed swimming pool. While these can all be measured, the challenge arises when you input the exact cost to supply and fit these essentials using the software.

No matter how similar two projects appear to be, they are never the same. You may not experience a major issue when estimating for a simple, low specification home. However, your estimates will be inaccurate when you use construction estimating software, without the oversight of an experienced construction estimator for bigger, more complex projects. Usually, there will be significant gaps that lead to an unrealistic estimate and undervalue of the works.

Like any other procedures or algorithms, construction estimating software works well from a purely quantitative standpoint but they cannot replace the skill and quality that you get when there’s a professional M+E estimator involved.

Here at Chase estimating, we follow all essential steps to give you a bespoke estimate. We specialise in M+E and thermal insulation estimates. With many years of experience under our belts, there is not much out there that we haven’t seen and tackled previously. We align with all the necessary guidelines and regulations to give you a fast, yet accurate estimate. Along with technology, we rely on our experience and skills to give you an accurate take-off and construction estimate that will help you win a successful bid.

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