Construction EstimateIn this blog, you will begin to understand why you would hire a construction estimator for your project.

If you were ever involved in a refurbishment project or been a part of any construction work, you will know how important staying within budget is. The pressure to get everything done and to do that while keeping your finances in line seems like an uphill task. In a bid to manage both you, will either completely park aside your budget and let costs spiral out of control or be so worried about going over budget, penny-pinching that you can’t see the forest through the trees, and get bogged down micromanaging every aspect of the project. Hiring a construction estimating service would allow you to mitigate the risks involved and deliver a successful project.

To Help You Make A Sound, Realistic Estimate

To make an optimal cost estimate, you need to first have a clear understanding of the scope of works. That scope would be your vision of how the end product should look like. Once an estimator has this information, they can begin to process and layout labour costs, material costs, overhead costs, operational costs and the variables that would be involved. They then take into account all the relative factors which directly or indirectly affects the project and using their software, they then begin to takeoff quantities and produce an accurate bid.

To stop you from running over budget

Every household runs on a budget and we do everything we can to stay within it, but a lot of the times we do not. Sticking to a budget becomes all the more important when you are in construction. Any small change can push you over your estimated budget which will have a negative effect on your project. Having a construction estimator onboard will make your life a lot easier.  They can help you stick to your budget by making the necessary tweaks which could save you time/money/resources and advise on materials and methods of working, which may benefit you by allowing you to become more competitive whilst retaining the quality of the original design. This is value engineering and an estimator should be well versed in it.

EstimateCalculates the risk

The ongoing pandemic and its related economic uncertainties have shown us how unforeseen circumstances that were not accounted for can ruin a project.  Other types of changes that can affect the estimation involve changes in the material and labour cost due to macro or microeconomic factors. Though all of this can’t be exactly predicted, a construction estimator includes a risk assessment to try and mitigate and take as much risk into consideration. The aspect of risk assessment comes only with experience and that is why you need an estimating service onboard.

With our software, you can estimate projects yourself and take advantage of special pricing only offered to our organization by an estimating software supplier in the UK. You can learn more about our software by clicking here.

CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR, A better view of the project

A construction estimator that you hire needs to have practical field experience. If you approach someone, with very little or no on-site experience, the estimate that they would give could greatly differ from the actual cost. So, you need an estimating service that has many years of experience in the construction business to give you a realistic estimate.

CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR, Why it’s Better to Outsource

A common decision that any construction business needs to make is whether to use an in house estimating team or outsource it to a commercial  construction estimation service . There are high overhead costs associated with an in-house team as it is difficult to have a continuous flow of projects for them. Outsourcing estimating can save your company a lot of money, as estimating services are involved only when needed. Just like you turn a tap on!!

CONSTRUCTION ESTIMATOR, Why Choose Chase Estimating Service

For the many reasons stated earlier, it is clear that for any construction project an experienced estimator is a must. Chase estimating service is a one-stop solution for all your mechanicalelectrical and thermal insulation estimating needs. We have many happy, satisfied clients all across the UK and Ireland.

Construction estimation is a critical job and at Chase estimation, we take our jobs very seriously. We have professionals with many years of valuable experience in the construction industry and can help you get a realistic but competitive cost estimate. We have adopted all the best practices in this field and follow all the required guidelines to get an effective estimation.  With a dedicated team that works round the clock on your project, you can be sure to have a faster turnaround like no one out there.

The feel-good factor is that with every sale, we give one per cent to work for good, which is a charity platform that allows you, our clients, to choose from a wide variety of charities that you feel connected to. You get to decide if you want that one per cent to go to a single charity or divide it among the wide range that you want to contribute to.  Please visit www.workforgood.com to know more.

Every member of the Chase group contributes generously to charitable institutions. As a group we support, Ecologi, playing a significant role in giving back to the society and environment. We have so far planted 590 trees, effectively bringing about seven months of climate positive workforce and we plan to continue this for a very long term. When you work with us, together we create a positive loop that helps to bring a constructive change in the world and that is something to be proud of. So get in touch with our friendly team today to get a realistic estimate for your project and be a part of something bigger.

If you are looking to get an estimate of your building work, email us your request at enquiries@chaseestimating.com or call us at reach out to us at 01630417161.

We will promptly revert to your request and assure you of a good experience with us.


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