The Drawbacks of Using Mechanical Estimation Software: Why You Should Use a Professional Team Instead

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Keeping your costs low to provide attractive bids to potential clients is always a massive concern for your construction team. Especially with the mechanical aspects of the project, as they can be complicated, and any small mess-up can end up being a major expense.

This often drives teams to rely on “mechanical estimation software”, or software solutions that let you plug in your project details and get an estimate of the overall project cost.

This is often looked at as a cost-effective approach to mechanical estimation, and other forms of estimation if you use various forms of software, but did you know that all the hype might be a little misguided?

Sure, you get to avoid hiring services and simply pay for a software solution, but there are some surprising facts about mechanical estimation software that might make you think twice before trusting your project to it.

Today, we’re going to go over those drawbacks and why you should consider a professional team of estimators, instead.

Let’s get started.

The Drawbacks of Mechanical Estimation Software

Any estimation software is going to be marketed as the latest advancement in technology, but while it can be helpful, it’s not exactly true.

There are several drawbacks you need to be aware of because they greatly impact the quality of the bids you place.

1: They Rely on the Data You Provide

First and foremost, there is a lot of room for you to make a mistake simply because the software relies solely on what you enter into it.

Obviously, good mechanical estimation software will try to ask all the right questions and have you fill out all the right fields, but that doesn’t take into account that unique factors are present in every project.

You cannot take a one-size-fits-all approach to construction estimation of any kind. Whether it’s duct estimation, mechanical estimation, pipe takeoff, or anything else.

Your current project might have a unique factor involved that simply doesn’t fit into the software’s capabilities, and as a result, your entire result can be off.

In contrast, a qualified team of estimation service professionals will take time to learn about your entire project. They’ll work directly with you to not only understand the standard aspects of it, but they’ll also dig deeper to learn about small quirks that will affect your price.

There are no tiny details that the team cannot take into consideration.

2: Proper Oversight

A mechanical estimation software solution takes the information you input and spits out a number. There are no managers, senior team members, or other individuals going over that result to ensure it makes sense.

If something goes wrong with a software solution, such as a glitch or untimely loss of data, you can receive an estimate that simply doesn’t add up.

This lack of oversight might not be a problem much of the time, but when it is, it can be devastating.

With a professional team handling your estimation needs, that isn’t a problem.

Yes, there is room for human error at any stage in the process. Software does minimise that risk. However, a team of qualified experts functions in layers. So, the estimation might contain an error early on. It’s unlikely, but it is possible. However, unlike with a software solution, someone higher up the company ladder will be looking at the estimate to make sure it’s correct before it is provided to you.

This internal oversight makes a big difference and helps provide an even more accurate result 100% of the time.

3: Advanced Knowledge of the Industry

Software solutions can be programmed and updated to calculate various aspects of your project’s mechanical needs, but nothing equates to a true understanding of the industry, trends, and the bigger picture.

A team of professionals doesn’t just handle numbers; it considers everything. This includes less tangible concerns that can impact your project financially.

When you hire a team of professionals to handle your mechanical estimation needs, you receive more than just number crunchers. You receive expert-level guidance that can dramatically change your optimal estimate; providing benefits to you and your clients.

The Advantages of Professional Mechanical Estimators

Mechanical estimation software does have its place, and we’re not saying that it’s something that everyone should avoid at all costs. It can be useful for gauging the quality of a professional estimate, and for low-value projects, it can be a cost-effective option.

However, professional estimators will always have several major benefits over even the “latest and greatest” software solutions.

1: Secure More Bids

Professional estimators know what the market is currently like and understand trends, they understand that sometimes simply crunching numbers and sticking to a hard estimate is a good way to lose clients.

A real team of professionals will consider all potential factors to create an estimate that not only covers your needs but also attracts clients and beats the competition.

2: Motivated to Provide Results

Mechanical estimation software isn’t really motivated to provide anything. Sure, the company running it wants to get people to pay, but clever marketing can keep a subpar software option afloat for a long time.

You can get several low-quality estimates before you notice anything is wrong, and if you do complain, you’ll just end up calling a customer service rep trained to deal with you. If you stop using it, 10 more people will get pulled in with the promise of affordable software.

A real team of professionals is highly motivated to get every client results the first time.

They will work directly with you, you’ll be able to discuss any concerns you have, and if you’re not satisfied, they have a lot of money on the line.

Overall, you are receiving a service that benefits more from retaining you, and that is motivation for them to provide the best service possible. If you do have a complaint, you’ll be dealing with the same people who need your business; not a random support agent.

3: Reliable Savings

Finally, while the primary promise of mechanical estimation software is that it lets you save, you actually save more by hiring a proper team.

A team of professionals makes more accurate estimates, helps you get more customers, and causes far fewer problems.

Try Chase Estimates, Today

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a top-tier, professional, team of real experts, contact Chase Estimating, today. Our team does more than estimate your project’s mechanical needs. We ensure you’re producing accurate estimates for all your projects, and we develop true relationships with our clients. You don’t get that with a software solution. 

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