Key Skill Sets For a Construction Estimator

Construction Estimator

Construction estimation is a challenging job. The demand for skilled mechanical estimators or insulation estimators who can adequately perform the crucial task of estimation is on the rise, especially in the current economy.

To achieve an accurate mechanical estimation or insulation estimations, estimators need to put in long, stressful working hours and own a diverse set of abilities including technical skills, critical thinking, managerial skills among others. Estimators tap into their knowledge and skillsets to deliver realistic project prices in the shortest amount of time feasible, increasing your chances of winning the job.

Although skills are developed over time, the set of skills discussed below are a must for an M+E estimator or an insulation estimator.

Construction Estimator, Ability to Read Tender Documents:

Estimators should have the ability to read and comprehend construction drawings. The drawings and other construction documents including general and detailed specifications, architects designs, plans and other reports provide the information needed to produce a sound build estimate for a project.

The devil is always in the details. The ability of the mechanical estimator or an electrical estimator, to spot minute details will aid in the proper estimation of project costs and enable a precise build estimate.

To see the bigger picture:

An M+E or insulation estimator needs to have the ability to think ahead and visualise how a job is put together and concluded. Estimators who trust their instincts and think critically gain a better grasp on the project and will be able to optimise the bids.

Working knowledge of construction methods:

The ability to analyse the benefits and drawbacks of various construction approaches is what distinguishes M+E estimators. They should be aware of the different methods and details required for each method, and the project as a whole.

Construction Estimator, Strong Communication Skills:

Construction estimating relies heavily on written and verbal communication. Strong communication with all the stakeholders including engineers, architects, project managers, clients, sales teams, workers, vendors among others, is required to obtain the necessary information for the estimate. It is also important to convey this information to relevant people so that the build estimate has ‘no surprises’.

Effective communication will also help M+E estimators or insulation estimators to give an engaging presentation. It aids them to better explain and defend their reasoning as well as convey alternative or more cost-effective solutions in a meeting.

Analytical Skills:

An M+E estimator should be more than just being good with math and numbers. They must comprehend the project sequence, learn from their previous efforts, and apply what they have learned to future initiatives. An insulation estimator should be able to determine the most efficient use of materials and resources based on cost and quality.

By considering each aspect of a project, a construction estimator can recommend ways to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Retain Calm under pressure:

An M+E estimator must possess the ability to remain calm, especially when things do not go as planned. Every development project comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties. It can be stressful working as an estimator, what with deadlines, many projects, recording each change and revision, ensuring each estimate is accurate, and, of course, managing project stakeholders.

The task itself is to bring order to varying degrees of chaos. The attitude of an insulation estimator is also something that must be kept in check. There may be issues that necessitate immediate action that can be only dealt with, with a calm mind. Remember, panic is bad, urgency is excellent, and action is good.

Construction Estimator, Multitasker:

M+E and Insulation estimators must have the ability to multitask. They must be able to manage multiple jobs at once while retaining accuracy on information relevant to the job at hand. The ability to multitask comes in handy when they have to juggle various bids.

Construction Estimator, Confidence:

Last but not least, and possibly the most essential skill for a construction estimator. Estimators are constantly under pressure to generate accurate project cost estimates while having their work questioned from all sides.

An electrical or mechanical estimator should know what they are good at and perform in a way that communicates it to those around them. They need to do the required homework and put in their best efforts, to be confident of the work they have done. Confidence will help them defend the build estimate as well as listen to other perspectives or results with an open mind.

A confident estimator will be more productive, self-assured and will be regarded more seriously. They are also likely to take on more difficult estimating projects and add more value to your team and clients.

An M+E estimator or an insulation estimator must be able to provide an accurate cost estimate for a project. They should be well-versed in all of the abilities required to work as a construction estimator.

When your team of skilled estimators are overworked, or you are not so confident of the build estimate at hand, let us in and we will help you get an accurate M+E estimate or insulation estimate to help you submit your bid, confidently.

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