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Thermal insulationThermal Insulation: Anyone who is in the thermal insulation game knows that it’s a niche industry with its quirks and idiosyncrasies. As someone who was a lagger onsite for 15 years and went on to start my insulation contractor, I’ve seen plenty of M+E estimating services or freelancers try and produce tenders on behalf of Chase Insulations, the insulation contractor that we have in the Chase Group and they always fell short in some area. Whether it be they didn’t read the specification properly, didn’t break it down properly or made over and under allowances where it’s not required amongst a whole host of other reasons why I was always left feeling dissatisfied with their services.

It seems to me that insulation is the forgotten trade. Mechanical project managers and mechanical estimators seem to not consider it a ‘priority’ or trivialise its place within the mechanical package as a whole (I’ve heard one PM say it’s just a bit of fluff around pipes!) from tender stage through to construction on site.

Well, it’s not so trivial when the pipework hasn’t been tested, it’s getting late and the pipe insulation slot on the Gantt chart has been pushed back closer to practical completion, holding up handing areas over to the client potentially incurring huge LAD’s.

At the end of the day the end client has paid for the pipe and duct insulation and expects it to be delivered as per the specification and what they were promised at the design stage, so it’s placed in the package is as important as any other trade, regardless of whether the principal or mechanical contractor doesn’t see it that way.

Therefore it’s our responsibility as the thermal insulation contractor and by extension the thermal insulation estimator, to make the necessary allowances and provide the expert advice that only we can provide.
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We are uniquely placed to help our insulation contractor customers because we are not just insulation estimators, we were either laggers onsite in a previous life or have lived and breathed the industry as estimators since we left school.

This means we know all the trials and tribulations that an insulation contractor will come up against onsite and proactively look to identify risks and mitigate them at tender stage whilst identifying opportunities to value engineer a project on behalf of your client.

Chase Estimating was established to become the go-to, one-stop-shop for insulation contractors estimating requirements in the UK and beyond.

We can take over the entire process from initial tender enquiry, liaising with your clients with RFI’s, requesting quotes from suppliers to submitting the quote on your behalf, leaving you and your estimators more time to work on the business and making the big decisions, rather than getting bogged down in insulation takeoffs and the like.

If you would like us to take a look at one of your projects or have an informal, no-obligation call to explore how we can help you, please contact us in the following ways

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